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Sunday, 8 June 2014

Benefits of proper breathing

In the last blog we talked about how harmful improper breathing is & largely what is 'Valsalva maneuver'. Now lets talk about many benefits of a well breathed workout. Breathing well means, taking long deep breaths into your stomach, using your diaphragm to push air out which is metaphorically called 'belly breathing'. Inhaling from your nose & exhaling from an open mouth.

Best fat burner :

While you are busy surfing, asking your nutritionist/trainer/bulked up friends for the magic fat burner pill, you miss the best  fat burner element present all around you for free. Oxygen is the vital element in fat burning during workouts. When you do that heart pounding cardio, bone cracking weight workout even after all the moaning & groaning it might not be effective. Your calorie meter may give you a satisfying statistic but those calories aren't coming from your fat. Because in absence of proper oxygen supply  it is carbohydrates or in later hours of workout protein taken from you muscle being burned as fuel which is harmful.

Builds rhythm :

Rhythm is important it makes your workout easier & energetic. On contrast random breathing will leave you tired sooner. Synchronize your breathe with the lifting of weights and running. By synchronize i mean exhaling when you apply strength & inhaling when you release weight. For running take two steps(One right, one left) while breathing in, and two steps while breathing out also known as 2:2 rhythm. .      

More weights/more reps :

With more energy & good rhythm you'll see your weights are going higher, you are hitting more reps-more sets.You'll be able to run that extra mile.

Stress buster :

Stress pushes the body into survival mode, body secrets more cortisol which in turn slows down metabolism, stores fat. One also starts eating more.Oxygen fights stress, presence of more oxygen in body means less stress & less weight gain i.e. why Yoga is so helpful.

Good posture :

The muscles which help you breathe also play a part in maintaining body posture. Diaphragm, rib cage are connected with your spine. So if you breathe well you automatically maintain the right posture which is integral part of a healthy workout. Bad posture ruins your form & makes your workout injury prone.

So breathe well & workout harder

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